Wednesday, October 13, 2010

PAP 1200km Audax Ride

Nuclear Heng and I, on one of our Speed Pro rides in 2007.

My friend "Nuclear" Heng shocked me when he told me of his plans a few months ago to take part in this crazy bicycle race from Perth to Albany and back. 1200km in 4 days! The least I could do is offer him my house as his base and Heng actually rode the whole distance. Although he did not make the timing in the 2nd half of the race due to inexperience, he did very well indeed as a first timer. Heng also remarked how impressed he was with the organisation and the helpful and friendly folks there.

He chose to ride a Dahon Tournado, a full-size touring bike that can pack into a smaller case. It proved to be an excellent choice as it was very comfortable and fast. I cannot imagine spending over 12 hours each day on a saddle for 4 days. Remarkably, Heng only suffered swollen ankles due to water retention despite the extreme torture.

I was very touched and honoured when he gave me the Audax PAP 2010 race jersey. It is a beautifully designed piece of art but I would feel embarrassed to wear it as although I do tour, 300km per day is certainly way beyond my capabilities. Nevertheless, it must be the best gift any cyclist can ever hope to get! And to think its a collector's item already as only 2 cyclists from Singapore have it :)

Thank you very much Heng and congratulations to you and all your buddies for taking part in the Audax PAP ride.


ultraman said...

Hi Alvin, thanks for your great support for my participation in this memorable event.

Around the time when we took the photo together, we were talking about metric century (100 km). Soon, it grew to classic century (100 miles = 160 km). Now, challenging the 1200 km. Sometimes, find it unbelievable this long distance riding thingy can be so addictive.

Taiwoon said...

wow! I tot PAP is doing cycling for a moment! Bravo! That's some ride!

Yammy San said...

wow! that's a ride, 250km per day, I max out around 100-150, congrats to your friend