Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Unlikely bedfellows

Chris' world renown touring bike, the Surly LHT had the opportunity to sample the beautiful bike paths along the Swan River yesterday with my Dahon Speed Pro 24 speed folding bike, all the way to Heathcote and Applecross Jetty.

These two bikes are designed for different purposes. The LHT for long distance, kick-ass, heavy duty, round the world touring which in car speak would be more SUV/Jeep type. Whereas the MR2 foldie is for fast road riding with the convenient option of collapsing into a small package, enabling it to jump onto trains, buses whenever the occasion calls for it.

Yet, the unlikely bedfellows had lots of fun riding together and enjoyed a priceless morning.

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Taiwoon said...

what a lovely day to ride! And good company too!