Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Father's Day (S'pore)

Im not quite a big fan of putting decals on my car but I could not help feeling so happy sticking this special one on the back of my hatch. I saw it in a shopping centre and you can buy family members doing various sports or activities that best reflect them including a dog. More information on "My Family" stickers here. Its about A$4 each.

My decal obviously represents a father on a bicycle and that sums who I am. I think its a great gift for your family and friends.

Taking this opportunity to wish all dads a very blessed and happy Father's Day!

As a father has compassion on his children, so the LORD has compassion on those who fear him
Psalm 103:13


Brommie Man said...

Hello OldyOnFoldy
As an owner of a Brompton, Dahon SpeedPro, and BF Crusoe, and as I live in Duncraig, I think you and I clearly have a shared interest! Oh, and I am also a relative "oldy"! So perhaps we should get a Folders' group together for a ride. However, how do I email you? I cannot find a Contacts page within the Blog. Best wishes, Stuart

Oldyonfoldy said...

Hi Stuart. TU for visiting LTF and Im excited to know we are of a kindred spirit, foldy wise at least. I ride most Weds and u r more than welcome to join us. My email is lovethefold at gmail dot com.