Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I nearly chickened out this morning. Woke up at 630am and saw dark, looming clouds against the struggling sun rise. Weather forecast said 90% chance of rain. A quick call to Rod and his reply was, "Have faith! Lets go."

Dragged myself out of bed and made it to the usual rendezvous point. It started to drizzle as I waited for the rest to show up. A classic Porsche pulled up at the lights and it must a 1950-ish model and that got me excited. It was a 1600cc flat four and sounded so much like an old VW Beetle. Despite its age, it was first off the lights.

The boys came on the dot with bright smiles, in stark contrast to the dark skies that threatened to unload itself. Well, we were all here and rain or shine, the ride must go on. Ken was prepared for the rain as he wore his cycling sandals and had his mudguards fitted on.

The rain did come and that was refreshing. However, the winds were very strong and the kite surfers in Pt Walter at least were taking full advantage of the squall. The cold made me ride a bit faster and it was nice to get the blood circulating. We weren't too wet but it was great to be out in the open on our bikes. No regrets.

I learnt something from Rod this morning. Its called commitment.

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