Sunday, June 24, 2012

Women and their Bike Fridays

The Bike Friday seems to be getting popular among the ladies in my cycling group. Its wonderful to know that its performance is beginning to be appreciated by the fairer sex too. My fellow BF friend G who owns several BFs have got a custom Crusoe for his wife SW. I was embarrassed that I couldn't recognized them as they swished by yesterday in the opposite direction at ECP but her special light green NWT immediately caught my eye.

My Pocket Sport has been the missus' favorite bike since she rode it in Taiwan a few months back and here it is getting unleashed at a steady 28-30km/h. She commented how fun it was to ride as it is fast and very steady.

I'm also encouraged to know there are many other  BF converts among the ladies in the LCSG who started off with simple foldies but end up with Tikits, NWTs etc. One such person who I admire is Mary. She first had a Dahon D7, then progressed to a Brompton and finally a NWT, which she used on our recent ride in touring beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Her good friend Kimi also is another BF convert and she enjoys exploring the hills and mountains of far and exotic Taiwan where she climbed 3275m on her Tikit. Both of them have many bicycles in their stable and certainly know their steeds.

As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding and I'm just so proud of everyone of them!


Char said...

I have 5 bikes at home, and the Bike Friday is my FAVORITE bike!! It can handle any kind of hill. :) And I love how I can bring it anywhere I travel. :)

bananamatronix said...

love my tikit too. thinking of getting a bike friday! :)