Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hatch-ing a Foldy

My Speed Pro's headset has come a bit loose from all the riding these few weeks, especially the off road excursion to York. The headset was replaced by George's Bikeshop at Willetton some time last year. Its a relatively easy job to tighten the headset but the challenge is you need a huge 10mm Allen key to do the adjustment. Sadly, I don't have that big an Allen key so I had to go back to George's. Patrick kindly offered to help me but his home is a 25km drive north vs a 3km drive! I was also very impressed that George's did the adjustment FOC. They are really serious about customer service and I appreciate that.

As I was doing some errands today, I decided to drive there. One of the wonderful things of having a foldy is its compactness thus fuss free ability to be transported around in cars, trains or even planes. It helps that the car is a hatch or wagon style type as it makes for easy and fuss free transportation for our foldies. In my new Golf, I reckon I can put up to 3 foldies and 3 adults plus gear with no worries.

Hatching a foldy around cannot be easier...

Update 1 - 28 May

Just collected my new personalised number plates LTF 777. It was very kind of Ken C to come along with me to Willagee Licensing Centre and he had the honour of screwing them on for me.

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