Friday, May 25, 2012

Una Mattina Italiano

The Italians have had a long history in Western Australia, arriving way back in the 1800s with a significant exodus coming in just after WW2. They have left their mark in many ways here in Perth most notably through the famous coffee cafes especially in Fremantle, numerous Italian restaurants and of course, their bakeries. They even have an Italian Club here in Perth which was established in 1934 aptly named “Casa d'Italia”. 

This morning I wanted to visit an Italian bakery called Casa del Dolce along Lake Street. I have sampled their Apple Crumble some time back when one of my guests gave it to me and it's taste still lingers in my mouth. What better way to go there then on my Bike Friday Tikit. Ken C met me at the usual spot and we took a leisurely ride northwards to the city in freezing cold. Perth had its coldest night in 98 years and it was still 3c at 8am. 

All suited up, we braved the cold and enjoyed the amazing views of the Canning and Swan River in glorious sunshine. What stopped me in my tracks were two Pelicans that were sunbathing and pruning. It was special when a 3rd one came flying in from nowhere and landed on the water. Admiring them caused us to be a little late meeting Pat but such beauty must be savoured.

It was easy navigating through the city of Perth but I always much prefer riding on bike paths than sharing the roads with cars and buses. Still, there is no better way to move around the city than on bicycles. We reached Casa del Dolce in no time and there was Pat reading the papers, coffee in hand basking in the sun and demolishing some fruit tart.

Casa del Dolce is not a glitzy sort of bakery, just a quiet honest to goodness neighbourhood shop that does great pastry and cakes. Their display though was impressive and extremely tempting. 

As providence would have it, they had a $6 special for any type of coffee with their Apple Pastry (with a generous dollop of cream). Ken and I ordered Cappuccinos and it didn't disappoint. Beautifully done and just the right strength for me.

While Ken and Pat went off talking about everything under the sun from medical technology, politics to business opportunities especially the growing silver market, my eye caught a most appropriate steed parked just beside us - a black Italian Alfa Romeo Mito.

I had the Pininfarina-styled 164 Twin Spark many years ago and as temperamental as it was, problems and all, it gave me buckets of driving pleasure with its racy exhaust gurgle and razor sharp handling. Soon, the boys were also joining me admiring the "character" of this little hot hatch. Whatever you may say about the Mito, its certainly not boring with its 1.4 turbo engine and Noddy-like front face.

Cycling back to Bull Creek was easy enough but the wind was blowing in the wrong direction. Which was just as well as we needed to burn off that rich morning tea. All in, a most bello Italian morning here in Perth. 

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omegaforest said...

$6 wow! A steal.

Generally I find Coffee slightly cheaper in Perth. But taste a bit different!