Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shadow riding

As winter approaches, the sun seems to casts very long shadows and it fascinates me as I did my ride with Ken C this morning. If I remember my geography lessons yonks ago, its got something to do with the Winter Solstice that causes shorter daylight time.

Despite the morning cold of 10c , many hero cyclists here could be spotted just wearing shorts and jersey. I however, had to wear 2 layers and long gloves.

Growing up in the tropics, I guess it will take me some time to acclimatised.

The brilliant lighting made for wonderful photo opportunities and I am always grateful to Ken C for his patience in putting up with my constant stopping to feed my hungry camera. Hopefully, the result of these interruptions to our cycling is worth the trouble. It was magically to see two ducks just cutting a beautiful wake in the still water.

Even the colours of the trees somehow just came out and I tried to capture it as best as I could.

All the dilly dally-ing around on the first part of our cycling caused us to be a bit late as Ken C had to rush to work at 9am. Returning, we rode back at a good clip. Maintaining a constant 25km/h was easy on the Speed Pro and naughty me could not resist shooting some more pics on the move.

Shadow riding can be lots of fun, at least for me but I have to make sure I don't draw down the patience and goodwill of my ride buddies too much.


On the topic of shadows, there was a song called Shadow Dancing when I was growing up. It was a hit by Andy Gibb, who tragically died very young at 30 years old in 1988. His brothers were the famous Bee Gees and sadly, Robin Gibb just passed away from cancer 3 days ago on the 20th of May. The Gibb brothers had unsurpassed talent and their music and songs really touched the hearts of millions. 

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Duval The Duvmister said...

the scenery in perth is fantastic and tranquil.. I'd really love to do a ride there.. but still looking forward to my 1st foldie :) Thanks for the wonderful blogs always and ..sad to see one of the Gibbs brother leaving us.. I had always loved their songs..