Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A slightly different type of cruising

Church ladies having fun with the Venox.

I was surprised that my Spore motorcycle driving license could be transferred to the Western Australian one without any drama. Just pay $38.50 and its done! No theory or practical test. Seems Spore and Japan are the only Asian countries recognised here and that is good to know.

Although I have been cycling since I was a boy, I started on motorcycles as soon as I turned 16. Learning to ride a bicycle, especially MTB sharpens your skill as a motorcyclist and this has been very useful in getting me out of many hairy situations. Now that I am legal to ride in WA, an itch soon developed immediately and turned into a rash. A quick check with the wonderful Missus and it is a green light! Searching on Gumtree, I soon found a nice cruiser in exceptional condition. What a great Christmas present this is!

Kymco is still a very young brand in Australia but being "Made In Taiwan", the quality is guaranteed. Those of us cyclists will know that arguable the best made bicycles are Taiwan made. Top end Dahons are made in TW, lesser ones in China. Amazing finish and quality are assured, and I dare say its even better than Japanese made bicycles.

A quick look at this 3 year old Kymco Venox up close impressed me no end. Deep lush maroon paint, sparkling chrome, beautiful crafted by German Naumann Design (who does Audis), got me drooling and a test ride sealed the deal. After negotiation, I managed to get it at the price of a mid spec Bike Friday folding bicycle and that truly is a blessing. The only thing I was not too happy about is the after market loud exhaust which could wake up the dead!

Nevertheless, this is a cruiser and its a lifestyle type of motorcycle. It is very high on "show" but being a small 250, its "go" is average. Nic my nephew and I took it to the river side on the first day and we met a friend who was immediately impressed with the cruiser! 

I love keeping my things sparkling clean and the Venox is truly a polisher's dream. It was a joy just detailing it and seeing the fruits of my labor come to life literally before my eyes. After all, it was easy as I have quite a collection of different wax and polish for the cars in my home.

It was very kind of my cycling buddy Pete to invite me for a motorcycle ride with his mates Alan & Paul yesterday to Beverley. I was very impressed with their riding skill, discipline and road safety. They were very patient and considerate and that was appreciated as being new to the bike, I rode cautiously.

The 240km round trip brought us through some spectacular scenery passing through quiet roads and vast farmlands. Although we reached Beverley in relative comfort and speed, it got me thinking about riding my bicycle there. 130km is very do-able and the roads here are made for cyclists. Recently, a classic bicycle 160km race was held here in the cooler months of Oct.

Pic Pete

One of my friends commented that I have "upgraded" to a motorcycle but I beg to differ. It's just a different form of two wheels and a different type of cruising. Although arriving at your destination with the help of a smooth thumping V-Twin engine is nice, nothing beats covering the distance with our own 2 leg power! 

Guess my first love when push comes to shove is easily the bicycle, and particularly a folding one.  Viva la Lovethefold still!