Monday, March 8, 2021

Singing and climbing in the rain...

Last Thu I could not do our usual climbs up Sesuai with the Owls as I just had my CV19 vaccination. There has been lots of concerns about the side effects but for me, it was just a sore arm and a bit of headache. So I did accompany the gang up the climb but did not join them and they did an impressive 13. Today is 4 days after and I feel fighting fit. This evening at 6pm I went up to pay my dues. The clouds broke and there was a bit of a sprinkle but nothing too big to worry about. I actually enjoy riding in the rain and have organised many LTF rides in August specifically to ride in the rain in Thailand. The temperature dropped and so did the dreadful humidty and that made for a most pleasant climb, so much so that I did 12. Coming down though, extra precaution must be exercised as the incline is steep and the road can get slippery. But with a bit of care, it was not an issue and I went home a bit drenched, but feeling top of the world!
Jan 45 Feb 62 Mar 4 - 1 due to vaccination Mar 8 - 12 Mar 11 -10 Total 23