Sunday, October 18, 2020

Friends make all the difference esp @ 58!


I have always enjoyed riding bicycles and touring but never could I imagine that the pursuit of this wonderful sport has brought me so many special friends.  My 58th birthday was supposed to pass like others before, without much fanfare and rightly so as I am just an ordinary guy.

Little did I expect it to be celebrated so many times with 7 cakes so far and tonight, a surprise party organised by Dr Mike, Angkana, Christoph, Gary and Siew Wan plus my dear wife caught me really good. It was to be a quiet dinner date with the wife but last minute, she was called upon to consult on a medical need as our friend Angkana had just fractured her foot and needed her help on something - which was true.

As she was being attended to in her home, 3 other "patients" showed up and behold, a surprise Thai dinner party evolved. Not only did we enjoy amazing Thai food, the Lovethefold gang pooled together to get me a very high quality camping stove together with special pots - all ready for my next cycle camping tour!

Gary and Siew Wan brought a lovely Blackforest Cake and what really took the cake was a special birthday video put together by Angkana from all the LTF friends here in Spore and overseas plus my dear family!

I'm deeply touched by the blessing of good friends and truly, they make all the difference to a rich, happy and meaningful life.  May I wish you the gift of friendship wherever you are. Value, cherish and enjoy your friends. 

So grateful to our Heavenly Father who gives us every good gift!


Other wonderful meet ups (CV19 approved) include:

1. With Chris Coleen Christoph Angkana n Aty Ruth on Monday...

2. Lor Sesuai Owls on Thu where I was so touched that York Fuan bought a bday cake in AMK and rode all the way 18km to my home in her Brompton for us to enjoy!

3. Fri with Princess Hannah, celebrated with Oreo, Shuzhen and their super cute 19 month old baby Hannah at their home. 

4. Sat lunch with GBC Care group. So sweet to enjoy a Chicken Rice lunch at Boon Tong Kee with my beloved friends fm church.