Saturday, March 7, 2020

LTF E-Adventures in Taiwan - On video!

It has been nearly a year since we scaled Wulin Peak in Taroko National Park in Taiwan on Giant E-Bikes and had an amazing time. 8 of us experienced what it meant to be assisted especially up the steep and long climbs as we made our way up 3275m. We just missed a deadly earthquake at the peak and by divine provision, got a ride down safely to Hualien through a narrow mountainous highway littered at some points with rocks that fell.

This is captured so beautifully on video by my buddies Gary and Siew Wan who painstakingly put these two videos together. Part 2 shows our ride from Hualien to Taitung, down the beautiful coast of Eastern Taiwan. Glorious costal views.

They say that a picture paints a thousand words and hence, a video would paint a million words. I hope you will enjoy these 2 videos and capture a bit of the great joy and thrill we shared. A bonus at the end of Video 2 is our review of our Giant E-bikes. Shot in just one take! (7:20 segment)

This trip would not be possible without my dearest buddy and friend Ying Chang, LTF Chief Navigator and Sweeper, who negotiated and communicated with Giant Taiwan so that 8 of us could ride on these fine electric steads. We want to dedicate these 2 videos to Ying Chang as he fights a health battle with so much courage and not one complain despite the intense challenges he faces. We know that our Heavenly Father walks closely with him as his Light and as his Living Water. All will be well!

Just a few days ago, here is YC with Gary and friends watching it before giving us his permission and blessing for it to go live for you to enjoy!

As we journey through life, wherever we may be, may I encourage you to drink of the Living Water and be richly blessed!