Thursday, June 18, 2009

A new "grandson" for Grandpa Ken

The arrival of a new born child always bring much celebration and joy to any family. For the case of foldie fanatics, a new foldie does nearly the same thing and we shared this happy moment with Uncle Ken who brought along his brand new foldie for the first time on our Wed ride to Point Walter.

I asked Uncle Ken what he thought about his new "grandchild" and he replied, "Riding on it makes me feel like a teenager on a bike again!". Though its an entry level foldie, it comes fully equipped with a rack, mud guards, rear suspension, kick stand and Shimano's trusty 6 speed gear system. It also had V brakes and a front suspension all for less than $400! This must surely be the deal of the century.

Its aptly named "The Commuter" by Outdoor Expedition, and it kept up with Rod, Colin and myself with no drama. Now, Uncle Ken has found new freedom from restrictive train curfews thanks to his foldie. Last I hear, he was going into the city by train to see his accountant, for business and the chance to show off his new "grandson".

Well done Uncle Ken and congrats! May you enjoy many happy hours on small wheels.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hail the start of winter

Pic courtesy of RTS

When winter sets in, the cycling schedule gets all thrown out of sorts unless you are the type that ride even through freezing rains and winds. Last night, there was a thunderous sound on my roof and I came out only to discover that the sky was sprewing little ice pellets.

This is akin to having dangerous ball bearings all over the pathways, with more coming. While fun and exciting to watch and experience, I thought about the safety of those who are out cycling home when these hailstones literally pelt you relentlessly.

I hail the start of winter, with mixed feelings. Looks like my foldies will be keeping warm inside the heated house, and so will I.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bike theft in action!

I saw this video posted on *Ecovelo and came away with a fresh appreciation for foldies. Arriving at your destination, just fold it and bring it into your office. Chuck the foldie under your desk and presto! No need to lock it outside and risk getting your bike swiped.

My nephew got 2 of his bikes stolen this way in crime-free Singapore. Get a foldie Nick.

And with some foldies like the Bike Friday tikit, you can even go grocery shopping with it as this video shows. Neat ya? Oh how I love foldies.

*Ecovelo is an amazing bike blog that has the most beautiful pics. Check it out.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rain clouds to rainbow

Have you ever began a ride with threatening dark clouds and the prospect of getting well and truly drenched in 10c freezing weather? This was what happened to us on our regular Mandurah ride this week.

Somehow, Rod comforted shivering me when we got out of Mandurah Train Station at 0650 with the words, "Have faith! It will be a great day." As I mounted on my Speed Pro under the cover of billowing pregnant rain clouds, I wasn't so sure and donned my rain coat. The only thing I could hang on to was Rod's reputation as a former Bicycle Postie, and that meant he knew what he was talking about - weather wise at least.

As it turned out, the 55km ride went pretty well. The sun was struggling to punch out of the dark clouds, and it eventually won. Its rays were simply glorious, painting the dark sky with hues of orange light. Not riding for 2 weeks, my fitness took a dive and I found it difficult to keep up with my two 60+ yo super fit friends, much to my utter discouragement and dismay. An exhausting lesson on the importance of keeping up one's fitness.
This is what I googled from :

You start losing fitness (or deconditioning) in about two weeks if you stop exercise altogether. Once lost, it takes nearly three times as long to recondition as it took to "detrain."

Just as we ended the invigorating ride, a rainbow in its full splendor suddenly appeared. Such a fitting conclusion that got my heart singing a song, to the One from whom all good things come from.

When the rainbow appears in the cloud, I'll see it and remember the eternal covenant between God and everything living, every last living creature on Earth. Genesis 9:16