Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy belated birthday, Lovethefold!

Its just like me to forget birthdays and anniversaries, and I do get into trouble sometimes for these "senior moments". That is why when I just realised that this blog went online on Nov 26 2007, I sighed, "O no, I missed another birthday!".

I started this blog to capture my passion for folding bicycles and my cycling adventures, with the hope that it will serve as a catalyst for more folks to enjoy cycling and reduce their carbon footprint. In these dark economic challenges we face today, it helps too that time spend on the saddle = money saved in terms of transportation and huge gains in your well being and health.

Looking back over the year, I cannot believe that I have made over 110 postings. It has been my joy that this blog has been read not just by my friends, but have attracted readers and new friends from all over the world.
Here's what someone from Bike Forum generously wrote recently:
What a FANTASTIC website you have there OldiesONfoldies. I remember reading your account once of a trip for some lobsters, but this site of yours is a revelation. I probably missed it from being stupid, because you must have mentioned such an extensive site somewhere on the forum before. I have bookmarked it because it is too big for me to read all at once. You have certainly had some marvellous travels on your bikes. Also, the site leads into all kinds of blogs and adventures of other two wheeled explorers.
I'm extremely humbled that it has been picked up and linked to the blogs of the international cycling community. Do check out these fascinating links:

I'm also very pleased that Lynette Chiang, Customer Evangelist of Bike Friday, USA has kindly included my tikit travel adventures in the Bike Friday company website as well.

And featured another one in the Summer 08 edition of the Foldable Flyer.
2008 is coming to a close and what a great year it has been in terms of cycling adventures. I had the privilege to ride in Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia & Malaysia.

Sunset in Lake Maninjau, Sumatra, Indonesia

Travel has also helped develop my amateur photography skills and I was delighted when an Australian Phd Anthropology Researcher wanted to use one of my Indonesian photos. I've also been a very good boy and restrained from getting more bikes (I have 8 if you must know), save for my Surly LHT. But I'm in the midst of revamping my portfolio of foldies towards a more touring type with great climbing gears. Preferably as low as 22". Two bikes come to mind - the Dahon TR or the Bike Friday Llama.

This passion for cycling has helped open my eyes to new experiences, sights, food, culture, history, technology and most of all, connecting with all sorts of remarkable people from all around the world and at home.

My birthday wish for Lovethefold is that it will continue to bring people together to enjoy the simple pleasure of being on a saddle. In such a complicated and complex world we live in today, we all need to ride more to discover our wonderful world, and rediscover ourselves. Perhaps that will ignite fresh ideas and unleash creativity that we never know were given to us.

I thought of that while riding my bicycle -
Albert Einstein (on the theory of relativity)

Thank you for reading Lovethefold and I hope you will continue to share the wonderful experience of gliding on 2 small wheels with me. May the true love, joy and peace of Christmas be yours.

For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. The government will rest on his shoulders. And he will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6


Nat said...

Here is to hoping you keep documenting your adventures. I have had much inspiration and fun following your stories.

Oldyonfoldy said...

Thanks Nat for your encouragment. I hope your excellent article on the ultimate folding bike search process will continue on as well :)

Vik said...

Congrats brother...=-) Keep her rolling!

Unknown said...

Has been your silent reader for about last 4 months, and it's like a routine for me to check your website for new updates. Congrats bro! and merry christmas to you too...

Oldyonfoldy said...

Thks Vik (the tikit guru) & Agustono for checking into Lovethefold. Grateful for your kind words & support.

Keep riding them small wheels :)

Mohamad Kefli Atan said...

Hi Alvin. I believe I saw you this morning at East Coast Park. Wanted to stop and chat with a fellow tikit rider, but I was rushed for time. I've been following your travels with great interest, and hope that you will always be in good health and continue exploring the far reaches of this planet on two wheels. Take care!

Oldyonfoldy said...


Yup, that's me in the green tikit. I saw 2 tikits today at ECP - one black and one blue. Which is yours?

Next time we pass each other, we MUST stop to have a chat & a Teh Tarik, okie? Rare to meet another fellow Bike Friday-ian here :)

heavingsingapore said...

hi oldyonfoldy,

I'm a new reader of your blog. Chance upon it while researching for my travel plan to west sumatra. You have excellent photos & wonderful descriptions. I enjoyed your blog very much.

Happy birthday & I will certainly follow more of it in future.

i love travelling & blog about my trip as well. I have juz added you into my blog. check out mine!

i'm a lazy blogger, didn't upkeep this blog much.
but i have links to my other travelling blog to indochina + rishikesh. hope u enjoy it too.

Oldyonfoldy said...

Hi Heavings,

Enjoy your upcoming West Sumatra adventure. Pls be careful if u r riding mbikes. Drop me a line if u need any info & thks for reading Lovethefold! Take care :)

-ben said...

Love your blog!

Happy belated birthday (to the blog) and merry Christmas!