Sunday, February 22, 2009

Alvin... where're the cars?

I came across recently a blogger from the US, also a Bike Friday owner, who made a posting last year (with the title above) about why they aren't car photos in my stories at BF website, and I guess in many other bike forums, stories etc. His very valid point is that if we are honest, many of us drive to our ride destination with our bikes in the car (easier with foldies of course).

Maynard writes:

We drive to every ride. Were it not for the automobile, there'd be no bike clubs, no club rides, no more than three bike shops per major city, no Trek, no Specialized, no Pearl Izumi, certainly no Cervelo or Colnago and nearly no cycling in this great land.

I wonder what the cycling purists have to say about this? On that count, I'm largely with Maynard except with foldies, I tend to jump on public transport whenever possible while I was in Singapore as parking there is crazy!

Note: Cars do get featured in Lovethefold from time to time, together with planes, trains and boats, not forgetting the odd horse and elephant :)


Maynard said...

Hi Al!
Thanks for referencing my post. Tamar and I get along without a car, thanks to where we live and how we make our livings. We love certain cars, probably the same ones you love, but we hate traffic.

I'll be checking our your blog, Al. Nice work!
Best Regards, Maynard Hershon

Las montaƱas said...

Thanks for visiting! Do continue to update this blog with exotic trip writeups in Australia.