Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Erranding in the city

A very kind friend Raymond allowed us to use his huge Avensis MPV till our new car arrived. Friends like him are truly a gem and it was time to return it to his townhouse in the city.

Driving there was not a problem, but how was I to come home without troubling people? Good thing I had my emergency transport - the foldie! Chucking it into the spacious boot, I drove off merrily. However, I arrived at his home slightly flustered, after getting stucked on the freeway with bumper to bumper traffic. There was a 3 car collision.
A quick unfolding of the Speed Pro and I was on my way through the city of Perth. Cities mean traffic, cars stuck behind each other and this being mid-day, it was "chockers". But being on a bike, I imagined myself as a courier and weaved through too freely. I'm not sure if this was allowed but heh, I sure ain't waiting behind a car and getting all poisoned with awful carbon monoxide gases.
Managed to grab some lunch - crispy roast pork at ABC Chinese restaurant along William St and soon I was on the bike path back home. I took the opportunity to see the famous Bell Tower at Barrack St Jetty. Was a bit too early for the bell ringing at 1230pm.

And of course, I visited the new Wheel of Perth ala London Eye, Singapore Flyer et al. It seems like you cannot be considered a world class city unless you have this Ferris Wheel thingey these days.

I rode along the Swan River and passed King's Park and was soon heading south on the bike path hugging the river. The directions are abundantly clear with helpful distances given. But one sign that really got my goat was the yellow "Caution Cyclist" everywhere - for the benefit of pedestrains. Yes, beware of us, we are the Big Bad Wolf waiting to eat you up, you who constantly us slow down! Are we cyclists that inconsiderate I wonder?

It was an easy 17km ride home that took just under an hour. No rush. Snapped too many pictures and stopped too many times to admire the views. I think my next errand in the city will be on the saddle. This surely must be one of the most bike friendly city in the world.


Las montaƱas said...

So beautiful and peaceful! Not a soul and certainly not a grotesque HDB block in sight.

Oldyonfoldy said...

Yupz, the only high rise buildings are in the heart of the city mostly. It is a pretty city indeed and far less crowded than Sydney/Melbourne.

Its amazing to ride/run through fresh cool air with amazing scenery :)

paulcbc said...

I really do miss Perth. Hmm... Is it a realistic dream to think of moving back to Perth?