Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The secret to staying awake for a long afternoon lecture

I do not like attending 3 hr lectures at 2pm in the afternoon. The Spanish have a good reason for their siesta and I wish I could do likewise... If words like Codex Bezae Cantabrigiensis, Minuscules, Lectionaries turn you on, then you will be "all eyes" for the lecture. For me, I was thinking how to get a bit of fun and stay awake, and decided that a 10km foldie ride was in order, given the rare sunny 17c day it was.

I have forgotten how beautiful Perth is, having been in Asia recently. Cruising leisurely on the excellent and scenic bike paths invigorated me. With the cool winter's breeze in my face, quiet rolling of my Schwalbes and the unique clicking of a SRAM hub in top gear, I was in paradise.

It was magical to soak in the beauty of the riverside, to smell fresh unpolluted air, see ducks swim happily, be fascinated by the tapestry of tree barks and marvel at the visual floral spectacle all around me. Being so close to nature on the saddle is truly good for one's soul.

Having arrived at my destination, I folded the Speed Pro and locked it at the bike rack when I heard someone yelled, "Heh Al, nice bike!".

It took me 40 mins to do a leisurely 10km with plenty of photo stops and I felt really alive.

Unlike last week when I inadvertently dozed off, the 3 hrs just whizzed by. The wonders of a bike ride! Now I know the secret to tackling a long afternoon. Try it, it may very well work for you too...

A WW2 RAF fighter plane (Spitfire or Hurricane?) near my home - thats how I felt when I got on my Speed Pro today.

ps: I had the option of catching a car ride home from my friend (with foldie in boot) after lecture, but why waste another chance to be on the saddle?

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