Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why I ride

This is a very beautiful poem cleverly written by a Mary Bernsen, who submitted it for a photo contest at Eco Velo. I think it truly captures the joy and delights of cycling so well. That pic is also absolutely inspirational. Can't wait to get back on the saddle.


The view is different from the handle bars.
When my legs start moving, clarity of thoughts start flowing.
The busy pace of day-to-day is forgotten.
The senses begin to awaken.

The view is different from the handle bars.
I feel the chill of the morning, the heat of the mid-afternoon sun, and the breeze at night.
I smell the sweet scent of the flowers, the newly mowed grass and the wet pavement.

I hear the insects buzzing, the birds chirping, and the air whispering behind my ears.

The view is different from the handle bars.
Strangers become acquaintances and new friendship emerges.
Scenic locations are discovered and unknown paths are explored.

My soul rejoices as the sense of wonder waits in every turn.
The wind gently strokes my face, and a smile begins to form.

The view is truly different from the handle bars.

Mary Bernsen


Taiwoon said...

Beautiful words! thanks Bro Al for sharing...Ride and smile!

Yammy San said...

nice poem, think that sums up why most people ride