Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chinese New Year erranding

Not quite a rabbit but it was the closest to one I met today on my ride...

Its 2 days before Lunar New Year and Singapore, like the rest of Asia, is bustling as people prepare for the arrival of the Year of the Rabbit. This is the time where people spruce up their houses with a very thorough cleaning, spruce themselves up with new hairdo and clothes, spruce up friendships by giving all sorts of delicious cakes and cookies.

With a rare rain-free morning, I had fun today riding my Japanese Mamachari bicycle to the dentist to give my teeth a spruce up. The 5km ride was invigorating and it was to the hair saloon after that. Many retailers use this time to jack up prices and my usual hair cut of $10 became $18. Jess the owner noticed that I rode a "big" bicycle this time and explained that the huge price increase was a once a year tradition and it was "good luck" to have new hair grow. I smiled quietly and am glad that my life does not depend on the winds of luck but on the grace and goodness of a loving God.

Then it was a ride to Bee Cheng Hiang, one of the famous BBQ Sweet Meat shops to get a gift for a friend I was lunching with. Prices here too got inflated by 20-30% no thanks to the season. Once again, I was very pleased to have done my errands by bicycle today. The money I saved on parking and petrol helped with the inflated prices. Not to mention the time saved as well and managing 12km worth of exercise. No better way to begin the Rabbit Year by hopping and leaping on a bike, don't you think?

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