Monday, June 11, 2012

Friday on a Sunday

I have met many wonderful people through Lovethefold. Mike Khor certainly counts as one of these special folks. He resides in KL and though I have not met him personally yet, we share a kindred spirit and not just in our common love for bicycle touring. His blog Wheelsopher captures all his exciting adventures and its inspirational.

A few months ago I lend him my BF Expedition for him to evaluate if this is something that could be useful for his future adventures. No doubt we both have Surly LHTs, there are some circumstances that a foldie is required such as multi-modal transportation on buses, trains, boats, planes and even on motorbikes (the main source of transport in 3rd world countries).

My not so hairy legs

He has shot a video recently of his test ride and wrote:

I have to say the BF rides very well, even when standing and climbing. It's quite fast and has a very sturdy feel to it inspite of the smaller wheels. I only felt the twitchiness when I rode uphill, when the front feels lighter than usual. 

The only thing that I would change is the's a bit too sensitive and it kept downshifting the front derailleur (I like riding with my hands close to each other and this often set off the shifter). Other than that, it's a great ride and would likely do well as a touring bike, although I've yet to try it out with panniers.

Will the Bike Friday population in KL increase by another one? We shall see...

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Michael Khor said...

Al, you make a good PR agent la ... haha :-)