Sunday, July 8, 2012

Quick release at last!

My white Pacific Carry Me bicycle somehow lost its front clamp sometime last year when I took a bunch of my Oz friends cycling out along the Spore River. It has been very hard to find a replacement and I was on the verge of giving up until I met this brilliant and helpful guy, Hardy. He runs a bicycle spa and is a member of the Love Cycling Singapore Group.

I sent my Brompton for some spa treatment last week and it came back amazingly like new. But best of all, the sticky rear derailleur which baffled both my Spore and Oz mechanics got sorted out by Hardy. When I told him about my CM problem, he passed me an improvised quick release clamp and told me to try that out.

I finally fitted it on this morning and presto, it works better than the original screw thumb system. It makes for a quicker fold and looks cool too. Thank you very much Encik Hardy for the quick release solution! You a genius.


I have learned not to give up finding for solutions, not just bike related and to "Don't stop believing". This song is for you Hardy!


Chris said...

Glad you got your bike working again. I have a Montague bike, and the folding mechanism on that is a quick release too - it is so fast. I can't imagine having to screw the bike frame shut by hand.

TerrenceTerrenceTerrence said...


Looking to have my brompton a go through. Would love to have the contact of En Hardy.