Friday, August 31, 2012

Sharing foldie joy with good friends!

Its always a wonderful privilege to introduce a newbie to the immense joy of cycling. My good friend Y has not ridden for 2 years, since her last bike lesson with me. Looking at all the lovely Spring pics of my cycling adventures, she decided to re-kindle her interest again with a brand new white Tern C7 foldie especially flown into Perth.

A couple of days ago was her first ride on the Tern and we went to Shelley Foreshore after a refresher lesson at a nearby park. Y got it in no time, and like swimming, once its in you, it stays.

She was on the same route 2 weeks ago on an old clunker and crashed, badly scraping her knees and bruising her legs. I felt so bad! Thus, the impetus for a new foldie and with the utmost determination and fortitude, Y was finally enjoying herself.  She managed a very respectable 10km. It helped that we had another good friend ML who came along to encourage Y.

Today I wanted to check out a new cafe, Little Stove at Bicton, some 15km away and Y was keen to join me. So together with her hubby who borrowed my Speed Pro, we braved light showers and pressed on. The weather was cloudy with a bit of sprinkle here and there, but was perfect for cycling. Passing through the beautiful shores of Mt Pleasant, Canning Bridge and into Applecross, Y was visibly delighted cycling with an unusual big grin pasted on her face. Most times, she was faster than M, leaving him in her wake!

The threatening weather meant that the bike path was absolutely deserted and we had it all to ourselves, which was heaven. This gave Y the space to grow confidence and there is no short cut to developing that, except to cycle and cycle more. I was pleased that despite some rather strong head winds and rain, the 3 of us just kept on going, and braving the elements is part of the fun in cycling. I'm glad they both share my all-weather cycling philosophy.

The last 2km to Little Stove up at Harris Street from Burke St was a bit tough as it involved climbing quite a steep hill.  We decided to push our bikes and it was tough work. We shall cycle next time once Y is more experienced. The rains became heavier and this made it a bit more miserable but when we finally reached Little Stove, it was truly satisfying.

The two easy chairs outside the cafe, with a 1960 TV between it provided the perfect spot to just catch our breath.

Even the Speed Pro felt a bit tired, and need a lie down.

I was thrilled to bits to see a bright yellow bike shaped parking rail! It made me felt so welcome to arrive on a bike and kudos to the Little Stove bosses for the warmest of welcomes for us cyclists.

The welcoming extended inside with warm colours and retro decor. We were fortunate to be served by Sally, a bubbly law student who speaks Korean. Y and her got along like a house on fire.

We couldn't believe that Sally was really into all things Korean including the latest dance hit video by Psy, Oppa Gangnam.

The pumpkin soup and smoked salmon baguette we ordered were excellent. Washed down with Cappuccino and Chai Latte, we felt we could stay there forever with such a quaint and cosy ambience.

Yes, Psy came along with us, without his sunnies!

Our ride home seemed quicker, helped by a flying start thanks to the nice downhills. It was amazing that we spotted some dolphins playing just near the wooden bridge at Applecross when we stopped to take some pics. I got M to swap bikes with me and he immediately was blown away by the responsiveness of the Bike Friday Tikit.

31km was registered on the odo and that is a truly awesome distance for a newbie. Y was feeling top of the world and asking me about Brooks saddle. The poison has seeped in... Welcome to the Fold, Y. Fremantle anyone?

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