Monday, July 22, 2013

Tern-ing a miracle for Pete

Pete and his lovely wife Jann

I always love cycling with good ole Pete but this morning was extra special. 4 weeks ago, Pete underwent a very serious quadruple bypass open heart surgery and it was supposed to take at least 3 months before he could get on a bike. But here he was, fit as a fiddle on his Tern P24! I couldn't believe my eyes.

Pete began cycling seriously about a year ago when we met and joined us for our regular Wed rides. He was sufficiently poisoned then to buy his own foldie and wisely chose a Tern P24 as he wanted to tour with us. And he did in Jan this year for our Cambodia to Vietnam Adventure. Needless to say, Pete had a royal time there and enjoyed himself immensely.

Owning 2 Tern P24s entitles one to become the Sultan of Tern, at least for a day. Chau Doc, Vietnam.

Then, he didn't know his heart was 50% blocked but all the cycling through the months kept him ticking and he was really fit. In fact, he rode a total of 1700km in preparation for our 430km trip. Looking back, Pete did complain that he had suffered slight chest pains especially in the mornings but that went away and it was no worries.

However, these pains started to get worse in the first half of the year and a check up revealed the serious problem Pete had. Looking back, if his heart had acted up in Cambodia, he would have been done for in light of the limited medical facilities there. Indeed, Pete acknowledged that "someone up there is watching over him!" and I can't argue with that.

The lure of yet another trip next Jan to IndoChina motivated Pete to get the surgery done quickly. What amazed was that he went for the 5 hr surgery on Friday, stayed in ICU for just 3 days, transferred to a normal ward for a few more days and was back home. This remarkable recovery can largely be attributed to Pete's fitness and motivation to do more tours and I have only the highest respect for this dear friend.

In moments like this, we are reminded how short and fragile our lives are. Each day given to us by our Creator is a gift for us to open and enjoy. And because as Pete rightly experienced, that someone up there truly loves us and cares for us, we can face the days ahead with confidence and peace if we put our faith in Him.

Our ride this morning was a congregation of 4 Terns except for me on my faithful Bridgestone XO5. It was great to see Carolen on her brand new Tern C7 joining us, and Jann, Pete's wife and Yvonne all excited and happy to be riding on this cold but glorious winter's day.

We looped Kent St Weir and ended up having coffee and cake at the Canning River Cafe. I enjoyed my morning tea but somehow, the highlight for me was riding beside Pete, with big smiles and the fresh wind on our face. This evoked a sense of gratitude in my heart to Him who turned a miracle for Pete and gives us all good things to enjoy. Here's wishing a full and complete recovery to my mate, Pete!

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him! Psalm 34:8

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