Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Missing photos

If you have been wondering why this blog has been dead, it has something to do with the missing photos on my posts. It is so frustrating to put up a post only to have the pictures disappear.

My research from Google shows that one reason is when we delete photos from Picasa, which automatically stores my photos, the pics in the blog also disappears. Fair enough, but I have not done this and I'm at my wits end.

If you know how to solve this issue, I would be grateful for any suggestions or solutions. Thanks!

Update 1 - I learn that Picasa has been retired from May 2016. Which somehow explains why my photos after May are all missing?  What I do for most of my pics are to take from FB and copy them into my posts. This was how I have always done it.  Don't yet understand the connection. Which I did on the above image. 

I've now saved this image into my computer and then uploaded it. Let's see which eventually gets deleted and which stays on the blog.

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