Monday, November 12, 2018

A bike-train commute to retrieve Sir Song

Singapore soon celebrates its 200th year since Sir Stamford Raffles founded her in 1819. A huge celebration is planned by the government and with its amazing economic miracle and transformation, there is every reason to do so.

On that note, it is interesting that a century ago, a prominent Cambridge Lawyer Sir Song Ong Siang, a Straits Chinese, wrote his classic book, "One Hundred Years History of the Chinese in Singapore" and published in London, 20 Dec 1922.  This is a must read and not many copies exist today.

Therefore I was so excited that my Aunt Ruth, an avid heritage historian, asked if I could retrieve her one and only copy from a friend who lives in Swanbourne, Perth.

Of course I happily obliged as I was too excited to get my hands on this rare book as our forefather Chia Ann Siang was given a mentioned.

Swanbourne is about 20km from where I live and a 40km commute by bicycle in the hot sun didn't appeal. I could drive or ride my Tricity scooter but decided wisely on a bike/train adventure.

Turned out to be the best decision ever!  A 2.5km easy ride to Canning Bridge Station, hopped on the super fast train to Perth City, change to Fremantle line and before I knew it, I was at Claremont Station.  A scenic 2km ride around a lake brought me to Peter's huge home and as arranged, the precious book was waiting for me by the front door.

It was unfortunate that Peter was not home but I was glad to get my hands on the book. I took a different route back to Claremont Station via the other side of the lake and was back home in under 2 hours.

Best of all, the train fare costs less than $3, cheaper than the fuel for my thrifty Golf and even Yamaha scooter.

I reckon a bike-train way of commuting is unbeatable. Cheap, fast, pleasant and fun.

Reflection - As we journey on in life, perhaps the best way of going about it is with God who watches over us.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding
In all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight.  Proverbs 3,5,6

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