Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Perth a-calling...

Pic fm Perth Australia Tourist Guide

Its the school hols in a couple of days here in Spore and we are booked to Perth, Western Australia. This is perhaps the prettiest small city Down Under. Situated by the world's finest beaches with the Swan River meandering through the well laid out city, Perth offers s-p-a-c-e that liberates couped-up Singaporeans.

And for the cyclists, Perth is heaven. Blessed with mild weather, plenty of sunshine, endless bike tracks, flattish terrain unlike Sydney or Melbourne, plus *bicycle friendly public transport system, what more can the cyclists ask for?

This was home for me a decade ago, and it may very well be so again...

*Transperth welcomes bicycles on our trains, because we recognise the contribution cyclists make towards a cleaner and healthier community and environment.
Passengers with fold-up bicycles are permitted to travel at any time on train services as long as the bicycles are contained within a carry bag - sounds like the perfect job description for the Brompton or Tikit!

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