Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pootling the paths of Perth

Patrick's new foldie - Dahon Eco3

No prizes for guessing what bike this is!

New friends spending time together

Got to meet my fellow Bike Fridian and foldie friend, Patrick, who lives in Perth. We did a short 10km ride from his house to Hillary's Boat Harbour. He originally wanted to do a Mandurah ride, about 100km south but I chickened out. It was a bit too cold for me, esp in the mornings. The fun bit is being able to catch the new train back so that is definitely a KIV ride!

What impressed are the beautiful bike paths, awesome beaches, low traffic and an abundance of good restaurants. The Brompton travelled easily in the suitcase with no airline additional charge. One "hazard" which I have gotten used to is that it attracted too many admirers in its resting state while we were enjoying lunch. Over ten people stopped to take a closer look at this strange "push bike". Justina, Pat's wife, joined us for lunch and we packed 2 foldies and the 3 of us easily in the little Toyota Yaris when the fun was over.

So many other areas left to explore like the Swan River, Fremantle, Swan Valley etc therefore I deliberately left my Brompton in Perth with a friend. Now, I have a good reason to return soon!

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