Thursday, September 11, 2008

Folding into the future, NOW!

My brother-in-law Benny is a gifted Product Designer and is fascinated with foldies as well. He owns the stylish Strida and recently submitted his interpretation of what a foldie ought to look like in the latest Polygon Bike Design competition. Not surprisingly, it was selected as a finalist entry.

I think its an amazing, futuristic design with a very innovative scissor fold. Its also a 2WD bike which means excellent traction, very useful in snowy conditions. It boast a very versatile riding position that will suit any type of riding preference.

This sole Singapore entry is absolutely brilliant. If you think so too, please help to put in your vote by clicking the link below. It deserves to win!


Update: Ben returned from Bandung pleased as punch. His design was selected by the experts as the top 3 winning designs. It will be displayed at the Spore Int'l Motor Show in Oct 08. Well done Ben! I hope it makes into production.

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Vik said...

Cool! I'll take one...=-)