Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The first shall be the last

As I shall be relocating very soon to Perth, Australia, a final farewell ride with my friends was in order. We head for Desaru, a beach resort at the Southern part of the East Coast of Peninsula Malaysia in 11 hours time. The ferry has been booked and 8 of us are raring to go.

It will be a melange of foldies from Birdy to various Dahons for this 95km ride, with some new friends tagging along. I shall be using my unequally yoked Speed Pro. This is a very quiet part of Malaysia especially on a Thursday so it should be a traffic-free ride with quiet, scenic coastal roads. Weather forecast afternoon rains with breezy and sunny mornings. Sounds perfect as we should check into Desaru Pulai Springs by 230pm latest.
The last time I rode here must have been 5 years ago. An old riding friend "Nuke Heng" who rides this route often, tells me that there is a fruit farm that offers a great lunch, so that is a must stop. Now, is this a healthy ride or what?

Its sad that the first ride for 2009 will be my last, at least in this part of the globe for some time.


Nat said...

goodluck and hope you will continue exploring the world on bike wherever you go. I have heard Australia is a beautiful country to go around on bike.

The best thing about the internet is that one can still share regardless of where they really are. Looking forward to more stories from down under.

ChrisW said...

Yes, I'm looking forward to weekly updates of Perth's bike paths, eateries, bike shops, parks etc.

Have a Good One !

Oldyonfoldy said...

Thanks Nat & ChrisW! Will certainly put up a comprehensive report once I'm ready. A bit of a flux now trying to settle in... But my brand new red Speed 8 is ready for collection next week.

ChrisW said...

Ha ha, nice priorities, folding bike before house....