Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Reaquainting with old mates

93 Bridgestone MB3 - my old & faithful friend

The badge says it all...

Makers of fine bicycles, ridden the world round!

We are so blessed to have many good friends in Perth. The Yapps are marvellous people with generous hearts and they have allowed us to stay in their huge house for the time being. They have gone to Spore just after we arrived, so talk about His perfect timing!
What a wonderful surprise too that I found my trusty 93 Bridgestone MB3 in their shed. It looked pretty happy and well.

I gave the bike to them 9 years ago and it still looks in pretty good shape. This bike brought me many precious memories. I rode this bike on my wedding day to pick up my bride.
If you are a fan of Bridgestone bicycles, you will probably be familiar with Grant Peterson and his unique ideas & concepts (much I see eye to eye) about how bicycles should be build. The MB3 is a mid range MTB then and comes equipped with centre pull brakes, LX components, Rock Shox fork, old school leather Avocet seat, among other things.

I took it for a test ride around the park and enjoyed myself immensely.

Yes, the RD cable has snapped, the front wheel needs to be aligned and a general tune up is in order but other than that, the red MB3 still looks like it can deliver many years of faithful service. ChrisW, now you need to come over to Perth, there is a project that awaits your surgical skills.

Reaquainting with old friends, ah, what a pleasure that is indeed! To all my friends, old and new, this song by Michael W Smith is for you... enjoy.

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ChrisW said...

I'll have to get permission from my first mistress, the 1991 MB - 1, before I even 'raba' another Bridgestone