Friday, September 11, 2009

If u have 20 mins to kill...

I came across a very interesting article while skimming through Sean Luke's tikit review. Its about life with a folding bike in New York City found in Bicycling by sports journalist Steve Friedman. Its a bit wordy but fairly entertaining read if you are mildly bored at the office and day dreaming about your fav foldy... or harem of foldies. Friedman's love/hate relationship with his first foldy intrigues me.
I know that in a relationship, forward movement is necessary. I look for something for Foldy and me to seek together, some life-changing goal. Something that will bring us closer, that will make Foldy and me happy. Happy together.
What grabbed me was his falling in love experience with a foldie and the challenges of being a "circus bear on wheels". It was moving too to learn how "Foldy" slowly became his one and only reliable friend. This is something we who are infected with Foldinitis can identify. His account of David Lam, NYC's folding bike apostle and the account of an exciting Foldie Bike race are also fascinating.


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