Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A peaceful day after a scary moment in the air

We were delighted when our boxes of "spare parts" checked in non-descriptly at Changi International at the Air Asia counter, thanks to a wonderful and friendly Yadi. It could have been an additional S$54 if it was full-size bikes. We thought we were off to a great start until the time of landing at KKB when the plane suddenly put on the power and took off again at 11pm.

There were strong side winds and heavy rain so we ended up trying to land again only to abort once more. Cruising at 10000m for another hour, the pilot announced that he was going to try again failing which, the plane had to land at Brunei, some 300km away.

Pic courtesy from J Hodges, Photobucket

It was in times like these that I realised how we take things forgranted so easily and how fragile our lives can be. Bouncing away in the air in bad weather, we remember our mortality very clearly indeed. On the third landing attempt, with engines screaming away in heavy rains, we managed to land safely and everyone broke out in loud applause to the pilot. I did that too but knew that He who controlled the weather heard my feeble prayer and I was very grateful.

We managed to get a Toyota Innova MPV to send us to Kinabalu Backpackers, and it was amazing that all our 4 foldies plus luggage and us could fit! A testament of travelling convenience with foldies. Arriving at at 2am, all we wanted was a good sleep and we settled for a very peaceful rest of the day here at laid back KKB.

Tomorrow, our ride adventure begins... meanwhile, we plan to take it easy and gourge ourselves silly with the amazing food KKB offers.


When you are not certain what will take place tomorrow. What is your life? It is a mist, which is seen for a little time and then is gone. James 4:14

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Michael Khor said...

Hi Al, have fun and don worry... a little bit of the unknown will add some excitement to your trip. It'd be great to see how much things have changed on the route since I last did it.

Cheers ... God bless and Godspeed on your adventure :)