Thursday, November 19, 2009

Saved by a Foldie!

Cycling with a Brompton on one shoulder!

It was raining cats and dogs this morning, very untypical of the lovely Spring days we have been enjoying here in Perth. Jem could not cycle to school obviously and I had to drive him there.

Problem was I had to pick him up at 330pm but my car was somehow unavailable. The missus had taken mom to Burswood and the grand dame had a winning streak. That was great for them but I got stuck. How to get Jem home from school?

As I mull over the situation, a brain wave came to me. Why not carry the ultra compact Brompton in the bag on my shoulder and cycle to school? So that I did, and it was surprisingly quite manageable. Jem was quite shock to see me grinning under the tree with 2 bikes!

We rode home happily together thanks to the compactness and versatility of the Brompton. You can say the situation was saved by a foldie.

Pic fm Folding Society UK

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in2minds said...

Bravo for the lateral thinking on using the portability of a foldie!