Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Injecting new life into an old friend

Its nice to be back in Australia. The first thing that was greatly appreciated is the nice, cool, non-humid weather. Even though it hit 30c today, it was so pleasant compared to the hot and sticky humidity of Asia.

Being away for nearly 2 months, I found the faithful Bridgestone XO5 in a sorry state. The overgrown grass had covered it, cobwebs everywhere and big cracks on the saddle no thanks I'm sure to the 40c summer heat. Parking under the shade apparently did not help.

My Singapore friends are amazing! The ever kind Joseph of Cyclemax passed me a used but good condition saddle.
My ride buddy Chris generously bought me a pair of 700c * 28 brand new tires,
which he got from the biggest bike shop in Malacca in our trip 3 days ago. There, we enjoyed a morning ride together exploring that heritage city but that's another story altogether.

Since the 3 year old Panaracer tires have seen better days, I decided to put on the new rubbers and the seat. A few adjustments and lubing the chain with Finish Line Dry Teflon gave the XO5 the new life it needed. A short test ride along the beautiful Canning River confirmed its renewed vigor and she's ready to bring Jem to school and back, quickly and safely for 2010.

More about the rich heritage of Bridgestone bicycles in the 1990s here...


ChrisW said...

From Laura : Should have left the bike indoors ?

Oldyonfoldy said...

Tak tempat la... But gd suggestion.