Saturday, January 30, 2010

Scratching itches together

Pic courtesy from En Route

Planning is FUN!

There is something addictive about bicycle touring. Reading about Mike Khor's itch to tour again after his amazing European trip on his blog Wheelsopher, got us boys together to plan for our next big ride at Christoph's new home today.

The Bolaven Plateau, located 1000m high up in Southern Lao, promises a ride that is unforgettable. ChrisT who has done this in 1997 still remains awed. It is a must do for all of us with any taste of adventure. Amazing waterfalls, gradual climbs and descends, challenging unpaved roads and the best coffee this side of heaven. Throw in the kindness and charm of the lovely Laoatians, one must be daft to miss making a trip there, if given a chance.

Weather wise, the rainy season ends Sep so thats when we plan to hit the Plateau. Still undecided on which bike to use as some of the unpaved roads, especially after the rains, can be daunting. The Surly LHT seems like an obvious choice but we forsee a lot of travelling on planes, trains, buses and perhaps even Tuk Tuks (motorbike taxis) due to the difficulty of reaching remote Pakse.

I'm plumbing for my Bike Friday Expedition as it seems the perfect weapon for this mission. Wide tires, exceptional gearing, generous carrying capacity with front and rear racks plus the world famous folding ability into a Samsonite.

So far 4 of us, Chris, KG, ChrisT and I have signed on! Mike, care to scratch this itch together with us?
Pic courtesy of Factoidz.


Vik said...

I'm officially jealous!

Michael Khor said...

Dang, Al ... looks like I could be suffering from this chronic itch until year's end ... so I guess I'll have to join you guys la :)

The waterfalls on the En Route blog are beautiful. Worth checking out the place for sure..

Let me know the plans as the dates get nearer, or the itch gets more severe, whichever comes first :D



ChrisW said...

Al, the itch you've started cannot be cured by ordinary Mopiko lah. Bromo & Gunong Ijen part deux before that ?