Sunday, July 3, 2011

Going Pro

One of the joys of going on an adventure is getting new toys to enhance the trip. CW just helped me to get the latest GoPro video camera that can be mounted from all sorts of interesting positions on a bike. Its even more joyful when this is an early birthday present from the wonderful missus!

I've seen it mounted on surfboards, radio control planes and boats, cars, motorbikes and of course, on bicycles. The video is super high quality and an absolute hoot to watch. Check out CW's spin on the Bike Friday Tikit and the beautiful Maserati at the end of the video.

Can't wait to use it in our epic Mekong trip next week!

1 comment:

omegaforest said...

wah, new toy for mekong trip!
whats the damage? i see it cost abt SGD$500 in Sg