Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mekong Day 0

Pic by TW

We met at Budget Terminal Changi precisely 1015 in the highest spirits. It was wonderful to see everyone finally, some for the first time after months of planning. We weighed each bag carefully to make sure we all made the 20kg weight limit and we did.

The flight to Bangkok was smooth and it was so exciting to meet up with our 8th member, Christoph to catch our connecting flight to Udon Thani. The gang was complete! Udon Thani used to be a US Airforce base during the Vietnam war and we felt like soldiers on a mission when we landed.

Pic by TW

2 Isuzu pick-ups came to take us and our bagged foldies to a boutique hotel in Nong Khai.

The heavens opened and we wondered if this was one wet ride awaiting us in the coming days. Our cowboy drivers cruised at 120kmh in the rain, and my driver was not wearing his seat belt. Welcome to rural Thailand!

The reception team at Sofa Gallery of Tiger and Max went beyond our expectations. They welcomed us with drinks and whisked all our luggage from the pouring monsoon. Max started to wipe dry all our bags and we knew we were going to enjoy our time here. Dinner was lavish with delectable Isaan fare and although we were supposed to fix up our bikes after dinner, all of us couldn't wait. It was real team work when everyone just gave each other a hand and the task was done in no time.

Pic by TW

We retired early into our beautifully decorated rooms, tired but excited about tomorrow morning's first ride. Hopefully, the weather would clear.

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