Thursday, September 8, 2011

A visit of sorts at Fremantle Hospital

Our dear buddy Uncle Ken has not been joining us these past few weeks as his dear wife has been warded at Freo Hospital. It has been a very trying time understandably and we decided to bring some cheer to them this week.

Of course, there is no better way than to cycle there the long way and we enjoyed a beautiful Spring morning ride along the Canning River. The weather is getting a bit warmer, from 6 to 11C mornings and it was glorious with the shining sun and deep blue skies. Moments like these remind me of God's goodness and love to us. It was great to have my nephew Nick join us for the first time too.

The ride to Fremantle is about 24km from my home and rather flat except after Point Walter where we have to ride through some undulating paths. This proved to be quite fun tearing down the slopes and I had fun playing with my Go Pro video camera.

It is heartening to know that B has been moved to the Rehab Ward and she is definitely on the mend. Her worse days are behind her and we are grateful to God for his healing and mercies. B was in bright spirits and we enjoyed our morning chat immensely. The nurse that came to attend to her was a very nice lady and I learned that she became one because she was a perfectionist. Her passion was dressing wounds perfectly!

The 2nd best news apart from B's recovery was that Ken is given the visa by B to cycle with us once again and he is going to try join us next week. We hope that he can and wish B a speedy recovery.

ps: We saw these beautiful shoes left at the park bench where we had our morning tea. A divine sign that B would perhaps be on her feet again soon?


Taiwoon said...

Hope Uncle Ken wife recovers quickly! Hello Uncle Ken!!!!

Joshua said...

Pray speedy recovery for Uncle Ken's wife!!!