Wednesday, January 4, 2012

East Coasting on a Brommie

I am very blessed to enjoy riding with a regular group of cyclists in Australia that meets every Wed morning and it seems, I have found a regular Wed group here in Singapore as well. It was great to ride this morning with old time friends Keong, Rich and new friend Ricky today.

The route is the East Coast Park, from National Sailing Centre to Changi Village, a flat and scenic 18km ride that hugs the coast and skirts around the busy Changi International Airport.

As I needed to put it into Keong's car (thanks so much for the ride there) and return by train, the natural choice was my first foldie - my trusty 9 year old Brompton.

Its supposed to be a 6 speeder but my RD is a bit sticky, hence it is limited to 3 speeds only. Nevertheless, I had no problems cruising with the 2 roadies who were moving at leisurely pace as well as Keong's well used Dahon Vitesse.

It was interesting to ride past a hovercraft which was beached. I'm told that this is used for any aircraft emergencies at sea and there are actually 2 hovercrafts on constant standby. Most impressive indeed.

As usual, we enjoyed a lovely breakfast at Guru's Indian Restaurant and I had my usual prata with egg and onion, washed down with Teh Tarik. Unfortunately and unexpectedly, my glass of tea exploded after one sip. I must be radiating heaps of energy!!!

Oblivious to that explosion and any other noise, there was this cat near us with a major hangover and slept like there was no tomorrow. That amused Keong highly and he could not wake her up. What a difference to the state we were in, all bright and chirpy thanks to our cycling.

East coasting on a Brommie, you can bet I will do it again!


Kevin said...

Ahh..nothing like a Weekday Morning ride.

A. Friend said...

Nice pictures! And its interesting that your tea exploded! Please visit my new blog thanks!