Friday, January 6, 2012

Hatches anytime!

I'm not a fan of sedan style cars as they are very limited when it comes to carrying bicycles to the airport. Come Tuesday, we leave for our Northern Thailand ride and I have to carry one full size bike box and my Pocket Sport. Originally, I wanted to just pack my Pocket Sport into a regular size bike box so there will be minimum dis-assembly. But the normally spacious 2.4L car in my home cannot take 2 full size bike boxes and 3 passengers!

Therefore, it is fortunate that with a foldy, the option to pack it into a more manageable size box is always there. I decided to use the original Bike Friday packing box, and it took all of 10 mins to put everything in. With that, the full size box goes into the rear seat foot area and the BF smaller box fits into the boot with all the panners etc comfortably. The only small inconvenience is my friend has to sit length-wise in the rear but this is only for 20 mins.

Give me a hatchback/wagon style car anytime!


Joshua said...

Interesting! I see that you can leave the front rack and fenders on. Very convenient!!

May I know the dimensions of the box you used?

Have a great trip!!!

Oldyonfoldy said...

Just measured! 35x65x80 cm

Ya, so glad that no need to dismantle otherwise siong... don't throw yr box away.