Sunday, August 25, 2013

Volcano adventure in Bromo

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Just finished packing for a week's trip to the volcano highlands of Bromo, Java, Indonesia. This ride, aptly name Thin Air and Fat Tires, was planned some time back by Mountain Bike Ace Chris Wee, who considers this rugged terrain one of his many playgrounds in this region.

I have restored my 94 Bridgestone MB3 recently for this purpose and tested it on a short tour of Lingga and Singkep a few months back. It performed really well then but Bromo is different. Its a no holds barred fast downhill freewheeling the rugged slopes of an active volcano with many difficult and painful climbs. Not forgetting those killer headwinds too. But when its tough, the scenery is usually breathtaking and the pics I've seen so far are impressive.

If ever there was an A-Team put together for this mission, this must be it. Legends like KC, Christoph, George Lim as well as some local Indonesian MTB experts present. I feel like a fish a out of water as my last serious MTB-ing was more than 20 years ago. O yes, there is a brave rose among the thorns on the team. Joni a keen adventurer, could not wait and have left 2 weeks earlier for secret ninja training I hear!

Stay tune for updates. Lovethefold - out!


I like to dedicate this adventure to our late touring buddy Paul Lim who did Bromo some years back with Chris. I sense somehow he will be riding with us...

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Safe Journeys and "we looking for live telecast" frome LTF :)