Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mamachari -The perfect CPF (cycle, park & forget) bike

Pic fm mamachari.co.nz

While its always a pleasure to ride and own well-engineered bikes, there are times you simply need basic transport to get you from one point to another and most importantly be theft-proof. To be precise, the bike must not be worth stealing. I've been toying with the idea of getting a Chinese Flying Pigeon, but the double top-tube frame is simply too big for me.

I've rented a Japanese style Mamachari bike years ago in Chiang Rai, Thailand and always rememered how surprisingly well it rode. Smooth, reliable (no gears) and supremely practical with its front basket and centre-stand. It's outstanding user-friendliness just stayed with me till today. Tokyo by Bike spells out why the Mamachari is Japan's most popular bike.

While pottering through a traditional bike shop in Pontian last weekend, I spotted 3 used Japanese Mamachari looking for new owners.

After thinking about it for 2 days, I made a trip to buy one. Its hard to justify another bicycle sometimes and the vehement objections from the fairer sex can get scary. I wanted the model with the 3 speed Nexus IGH but unfortunately, it was a bit faulty and settled for a single speed. Less troublesome I reckon in the long run.

It came with a traditional dynamo front lighting system, build in frame lock with 2 keys, full fenders and rear rack. I added a front basket and changed to new tubes with Schrader valve. The original ones were Dunlop valves which can be very troublesome to pump.

The total damage was only US$68 and I was happy as Larry. There is a shop in NZ selling used Mamachari at US$250 upwards so I can't complain! I have a dentist appointment tomorrow in a HDB heartland and will ride my Mamachari there. My search for my CPF bike is finally over!

Ps 1: Grateful thanks to Ben and Pru for helping me bring back my 9th child all the way from Pontain. You guys are the best.

Ps 2: Pics courtesy of CW.

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ChrisW said...

Kalau CPF cannot withdraw, we can make a killing on these bikes ??