Thursday, July 15, 2010

A slow morning with fast riders

Today's breakfast meeting was a very special one. It was great to enjoy a leisurely moment over tea and Indian pancakes (Thosai) with Heng and Paul. These 2 riders are among the top fastest folding bikers in Singapore. When you consider they are around 50 yo, that makes it even more unique.

Heng has 3 road bikes and 3 foldies and still holds the fastest downhill speed of 64km/h on his Dahon Speedpro TT. Although he enjoys riding his foldies, he has moved to road racing internationally and he wanted to talk to me about the upcoming Australian Audex in Oct. This is a 1200km race from Perth to Albany in 4 days. Just reading about it makes me exhausted!

Paul of course is no stranger to LTF, and has recently acquired a bright orange Pashley Moulton, the Aston Martin of small wheel bikes. He also has a Brompton with Stelvio Light tires. I have ridden on quite a few trips with Paul and it can be too demoralising for me, especially when climbing hills.

The usual torrential monsoon rains came halfway and our breakfast dragged on to lunch. But my Tikit and his Brompton were not complaining as they kept each other company on this slow morning.

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