Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Seat of our Fathers

In line with my newly discovered appreciation for all things old in the bicycle world, I was absolutely delighted when my dear friend Chris gave me a most fascinating saddle he bought in some boondock bikeshop in Thailand on his recent travels.

This sprung saddle probably came out from a trishaw and looks remarkably similar to the famous Brooks B130 saddle which retails for US$200, but with even longer spring frame. Just on looks alone, my trishaw saddle is a thing of art and beauty, at least in my eyes. Yes, it is not for weight weenies but its timeless and classic looks more than make up for its porkiness.

The famed Sheldon Brown seemed a fan of sprung saddles and wrote, "Generally, any cyclist who rides with the handlebar grips higher than the saddle would be better off with a saddle with springs."

I wasted no time to mount it on my Mamachari and was pleased that it enhanced the classic-ness of my traditional work bike. Thanks so much Chris for this special gift - the seat of our fathers.

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