Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An orange sunset in Pakse

It was a most comfortable flight on Lao Aviation from Siem Reap to Pakse, Laos. The twin propellor plane was only 20% filled and we had plenty of attention from the crew and plenty of seats to choose from. The 55 min flight was scenic, hugging the Mekong and providing lots of views of the mountains that await us.

Clearing airport immigration was very casual and relax. This after all is Laos, PDR which rightly stands for Please Don't Rush. The van took all four of us and our bikes to Sang Aroun in 5 mins for US$10. Not cheap considering it was so close. The town of Pakse was founded in 1905 by the French and is a very agreeable laid back town by the riverside. It has decent restaurants and we found the food cheap and good!

We wasted no time to assemble the bikes and it was surprisingly a breeze. 10-15 mins tops. Travelling with foldies really light up our faces. We took an evening ride to test our bikes and was greeted with the most brilliant sunset which lighted the whole sky orange. With the Mekong as our backdrop, it was an artistic extravaganza that only our Creator can paint. We stopped and just soaked in the view and felt something inside us stir.

My stomach is getting better but still not 100%. Grateful that toilet bowl runs are over, for now. Early ride tomorrow to Paksong. Its 50km uphill all the way!


omegaforest said...

Good to know that you are feeling better. I love Pakse too, hope to return there one day. Is yr volunteer work open to other?

Oldyonfoldy said...

I do volunteer work in Phnom Penh at a Methodist Church Orphanage. There are plenty of places that welcome volunteers in Laos and Cambodia.

Encouraged by your spirit to help others. Check out Spore Intl Foundation.