Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Travel with foldies rocks

My two Samsonites containing a Bike Friday Expedition and a Dahon Speed 8, modified to 16 speed, travelled to Phnom Penh tonight with no issue whatsoever. It fitted into a small Nissan Sunny sedan to Changi airport, Singapore and checking in was hassle free on Jetstar.

I'm always afraid of corrupted customs officials at the Cambodia side as they are always finding ways of lining their pockets. Fortunately, 2 Samsonites with a princely value of more than US$2000 on a luggage trolley did not arouse any suspicion and it sailed through the greedy guys without any hassles.

Even taking the taxi to Blue Tongue Hotel in an old Toyota Camry was a breeze. Travelling with foldies this way really rocks!


omegaforest said...

Post more pics on yr trip and how you pack yr bikes! Would be interested to view the Dahon in the Samsonite! Yes...foldies rocks!

ChrisW said...

Congrats on the smooth sailing from door to door. Have a great time there !

Taiwoon said...

yeah... I will bring my foldies on my overseas assignments. It really makes the trip fun! Ride safe and looking forward to see ur wonderful journey