Monday, December 27, 2010

Toilet bowl diaries in Siem Reap

We are now at our fav hotel in Siem Reap, the Auberg Mont Royal. What a surprise it was when I got in last night by bus and was received with a big hug by the owner, Mr Prim.

The 2 foldies travelled with us very easily at the back of a pick-up and thereafter by bus. We met up with3 friends and had nice Khmer dinner except I couldn't eat very much as I'm getting the runs for a few days now.

Really need prayers for my stomach to settle as meeting the Calvary aka Mike and Wei at SR airport tomorrow morning at 9am and then flying off to Laos.

Saw 2 very fierce touring bikes from Germany at hotel lobby. The owner was on a 4 week tour of Cambodia and said each bike cost him 3400 Euros. Black with Rolfholf hub and Marathon Extreme tires, front and rear racks. Inspirational to say the least. But sadly, my best friend now is the toilet bowl... Sigh.


Taiwoon said...

Bro Al, Get well soon and looking forward to the insane slopes account

omegaforest said...

I luv how the bike looks in the luggage. Like beast waiting to be unleashed! I like to pack my Speed D7 (20") for travel. Any rec. which model/make of suitcase sld I be getting?

Oldyonfoldy said...

Hi Matt

My suitcase is a standard Samsonite 29" F'Lite hardcase which BFriday uses. You can go to Mustapha and get a cheaper model. I've used even a cloth type suitcase with great success.

Note not all Dahon models can pack into std suitcase due to handlebar fold. Only Speed 8 and older Helios series. D7 cant I believe.


omegaforest said...

Hi Al

Thanks for the feedback, I guess will need make some measurements before getting the right suitcase. For handle post, not an issue, I can dismantle.