Saturday, October 1, 2011

Adjustable handlebar for long rides?

On my recent ride of 260km to Malacca, I used the Mary On One riser bar. This is slightly swept back and gives a most comfortable position for most rides. However, being on the bike for nearly the whole day, I'm beginning to realise the importance of switching hand position every now and then to prevent aches and pains on shoulders and palms. No matter how good your handlebar position is, staying in the same place continously is not how our maker designed our bodies. A quick check with Dr C Tan illumined me to this condition called Handlebar Palsy. It can happen even within an one hour of being in a fixed position.

No wonder Heinz Stuck , renown world traveller came out with the concept of attaching 2 handlebars on his bike. Having traverse the world for nearly 600,000 kms, I think his experience and advice merit serious consideration.

It is therefore with great excitement that I stumbled upon the latest Dahon Speed TR with this feature - adjustable Andros handlebar stem. I looked at its goofy design and didn't quite appreciate it at first but after studying at it carefully, function must take preference over form. This feature alone can make or break a tourer's comfort after a long hard day on the saddle. So easy to get a myraid of new positions with one simple adjustment.

With full respect to Heinz, it sure beats his solution of having the "bi-plane" style handlebars on his bike!

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