Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Augusta to Bunbury Ride - its happening...

Its funny how time creeps up so quickly. I was just talking about doing this ride a few months back and now, I'm packing to go. Pat, Ken,Christoph (who I will picking up in an hour's time from the airport) and I will drive down south to Busselton, leave the car there and catch the bus to Augusta. Here, the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean and this little town has a nice lighthouse plus superb bakery.

Then, its a ride to Margaret River for an overnight stay, an easy 50km. Great vineyards, superb surf beaches and a very artsy culture await us. Off then to Busselton via Dunsborough to enjoy the scenic coast of WA. Ken leaves us via car and the 3 of us continue our exploration at Bunbury.

Thats the game plan, lets see what happens. We will be riding all foldies, namely Bike Friday Tikit, Pocket Pro, Dahon Speed Pro and a Ventura Touring. At least the weather forecast is promising and our sojourn down south co-incides with Queen's Elizabeth's visit to Perth for the CHOGM. I hope the whole of Perth won't be down there with us!!!

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