Friday, November 18, 2011


One of the joys about sharing the cycling passion is meeting like-minded folks. Mike Khor, Slave and Founder of Wheelosopher is truly an inspirational guy. I've never met him personally as he lives in Malaysia but somehow, I feel a kindred spirit between us. We have communicated several times and its always a joy. We have also ridden the same roads, though at different times. Taken pics of same places too!

I confess to being a lurker on his blog and drawing inspiration from his exciting stories and adventures. He has been to the top of the world in Shangrila, China and across the plains of Sapa, transversing Vietnam into Laos. Mt Bromo also checked! Europe, he has it under his belt too. Mike does bike races and enjoys mucking around in the mud with 4WDs. Quite a guy indeed! The Indiana Jones of Malaysia. O yes, I forgot Tibet too.

It is actually in reading his account of Borneo that led me to organise a similar trip some years back. He prefers full size bikes and is a roadie/tourer. We both do have Surly LHT with Orbs and that obligatory Brooks.

Do have a peep into his excellent blog but be warned, you may get stuck there for hours. And whenever I need my "caffeine" fix of the cycling kind, I drink deeply from his downhill video. The cornering is far better and more exciting than that at Sepang race track and makes you want to go out and ride!

Thanks Mike for being the inspiration that you are! We must ride together one day soon.

*All pics and video "borrowed" without permission from Wheelsopher.

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another - Proverbs 27:17

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